About John

The name John Maikke has been echoing over the internet in the Who’s Who of the Internet Marketing World, attracting attention from the entertainment industry, political scene; networkers, athletes and business professionals alike.

“The Man with the Plan” is often used by those who work closely with John as he is well known for providing marketing solutions and addressing his client’s business needs. John has an uncanny ability to recognize opportunity and seizes it, with precise timing; maximizing and leveraging complete profit potential.

Unlike many others who claim to be experts on Internet Marketing, John has been a student of the industry for Over 10 Years. He has been mentored by Multi-Million Dollar Earners and takes pride in working with only the best.

His resume commands attention both here and abroad as he continues to build a Solid Global Infrastructure focused on training, coaching and teaching the masses.

With the ever growing challenges faced by many entrepreneurs in business, John and his staff work to bring their clients the very best in Marketing and Lead Generating Systems to enhance the overall efficiency of their patron’s operations. The difference when working with John and his personnel is their hands on approach in addressing all their clients needs.

John’s overall mission is to Empower, Enlighten and Transform all who are ready to embrace this life’s changing information.


"He is the greatest internet marketers I know. He has helped me grow my business with marketing, development, and fund raising. My business has grown tremendously by using John Maikke's techniques."

Paul Debham - Political Lobbyist

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